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Ala in Pantyhose

3:28 am in Pantyhose Girls by admin

Ala in PantyhoseAnother pretty blonde (housewife?) who enjoys wearing shiny pantyhose.

I think Ala is very pretty and has great legs for wearing pantyhose, don’t you think?

This one here on the left is one of my favorites of her.

See how her legs shine in those hose? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

Ala is from Eastern Europe (you know, the place where women still know how to dress like women!).

But why does she insist in encoding her pantyhose movies with the DivX codec?

I really don’t like to have to download DivX to watch my movies. I want to use my bare bones Media Player that comes with my computer, and that’s it. But oh well, for her I’d use DivX.

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Mac users – Feedback, please

3:05 pm in Uncategorized by jessica

Nylon Nation on a MacI need some help from you Apple Mac users please.

Since I don’t own a Mac I would love for you to look at with your Safari browser and let me know if everything looks okay. Does the site look aligned correctly? Do the pantyhose pictures show up the way they’re supposed to? Does anything look odd in your Safari browser?

Please let me know, just post a comment here!

Thanks so much!! :)

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Britney Spears in black pantyhose

11:43 pm in Celebrities in Pantyhose, Pantyhose Girls by jessica

Britney Spears in black pantyhoseBefore Britney Spears went crazy, courtesy of years of being chased, ridiculed, and scrutinized by paparazzi, the media, you, and me, Britney managed to show her classy (and sane!) side every once in a while.

Here’s a pretty rare (I think) picture of Britney Spears in black pantyhose.

Sadly all her recent pantyhose and stockings fotos were of her prancing around in torn fishnet hose which made her look like a cheap back-up dancer. Sad, sad.

I hope Britney does get better soon and that we get to see her dance her little heart out on stage wearing pantyhose!

For now, click on the little picture here and it’ll open up the large version of Britney in nylons.

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Kina Kai in pantyhose

1:12 am in Pantyhose Girls by jessica

Don’t you just want to take a bite out of that cute Kina Kai? I know I do! :) Asian babe Kina Kai in sexy pantyhose

Kina has got something special about her, I’ve seen her more and more lately when I surf for sexy pantyhose an stockings pictures.

Kina must be really into fetish-y things because, well, she has a lot of it on her site which is I don’t usually care much about bondage or smoking fetish but Kina is so pretty in everything she does that she does turn me on. But I admit her stockings and pantyhose photos are my favorite.

She has such pretty legs to go with hose, too. She seems really sweet, I wonder if she’s as adorable and beautiful in real life. Maybe one day I meet her in person?

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Only Tease: girls in Pantyhose and Stockings

1:16 am in Pantyhose Girls by admin

Only Tease stockings and nylonsI tend to gravitate towards women my age and up (I’m in my late 20′s) who wear stockings and pantyhose.

But I think one reason for that is that you simply don’t find a lot of younger girls wearing pantyhose or stockings these days.

So I was positively surprised to come across Only Tease which has not just a few but literally hundreds of beautiful younger ladies wearing stockings, pantyhose, fishnets and other silky, nylon-y goodness (YES! I just made up a word!)

It looks like most of these young hotties are strutting around in their nylons somewhere in Europe, probably England as it seems.

I’m starting to suspect that practically the whole world has girls wear pantyhose or stockings, except for the US. That’s a bummer.

Now, I’m not going to move to foreign lands for their pantyhose girls (although, it’s definitely tempting!) so Only Tease might be a good alternative.

Share your thoughts about it here if you like. I love hearing from you and your pantyhose and stocking fantasies! :)

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Brandi of Pantyhose Ecstasy

6:05 am in Pantyhose Girls by admin

Brandi of Pantyhose EcstasyI remember seeing Brandi, a very pretty brunette, on her site Pantyhose Ecstasy a few years ago.

But I keep going back and I’m wondering: does she still update her site? It doesn’t look like it but maybe I’m missing her newest sets?

It would be a shame if she didn’t, I love her pantyhose movies. Some are pretty hardcore :)

If anybody knows if Brandi still updates her site please let me know!

UPDATE! UPDATE! February 06 2008

I found that Brandi does indeed still update her site regularly! I just missed that update notice somehow.

And wow, Brandi really shows off her beautiful legs in those pantyhose! Check out Pantyhose Ecstasy, Brandi is wonderful!

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Izzy of Pantyhose Addict

2:55 am in Pantyhose Girls by admin

Izzy of PantyhoseAddict.comThis is Izzy (Isabell), one of my favorite pantyhose girls. She runs and several other pantyhose fetish sites because she and her hubby love women in nylons like we do.

Izzy is on Pantyhose Addict too, and so are tons of other leggy hotties she finds and shoots exclusively for her site.

I’m not getting paid to say this by the way, I just like her. Never met her either, too bad.

I would like to see a little more story though, for example I think the secretary theme is very sexy. When I worked in an office I loved it when guys and girls tried to find an excuse to stop by at my desk during the day so that they could take a peek at my pantyhosed legs. I usually wore brown or off-black nylons, with high heels.

So Izzy if you read this, how about some secretary videos? :)