Nylon Ratings and Internet Explorer 8

11:57 am in Uncategorized by jessica

There’s a problem with NylonRatings.com and Internet Explorer 8. It works fine in Firefox and older Internet Explorer but if you use the new IE8 and try to go to http://www.nylonratings.com it keeps redirecting you back to NylonNation.com

Nylonratings is a sub directory (?) on NylonNation.com right now and I’m just forwarding NylonRatings.com to that subdirectory. That’s about all I know, no clue why IE8 is doing this and Firefox is fine??? Any ideas?

If you have to use IE8 just go to http://www.nylonnation.com/ratemynylons/

That should work. :)

Sorry about the inconvenience, I’m trying to figure this out but so far no luckĀ  *sigh*