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Pantyhose Celebrities at the Oscars (Academy Awards)

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Pantyhose celebrity Uma ThurmanDon’t forget to post your screen shots of any pantyhose or stockings wearing celebrities at the Oscars!

I don’t have a DVR or anything yet so if you are able to get some sexy hosiery shots from the show or the red carpet event tonight, post a comment here and I’ll post your celebrities in pantyhose photo.

The Academy Awards are tonight (Sunday) so get ready :)

I read several articles this year about how pantyhose is back in style so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see quite a few cute female celebrities in pantyhose or stockings tonight.

Angelina Jolie in sheer off-black pantyhose and high heels? What a thought, huh?

- Jessica

PS: the photo here is of leggy blonde Uma Thurman in sheer black pantyhose at some movie event. (click to enlarge)

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Jessica Alba in black pantyhose!

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Jessica Alba in black pantyhoseNow I don’t plan on making this a “celebrities in pantyhose and stockings”-kind of site but I keep finding my favorite actresses wearing nylons so how could I not post them here, right? :)

Jessica Alba, while a bit young for me even though we’re about the same age, is a beautiful, promising young actress and seeing her show up in black pantyhose is wonderful. I hope other girls take her as a role model and start wearing more hose!

Jessica has come quite a long ways since her days in Dark Angel. I wasn’t too impressed with her then, although I found her to be very pretty. Her acting skills at that time though seemed pretty stiff and just not “on”. She’s really improved though I think. I’m not talking about Fantastic Four or any of those, but in Sin City and The Eye she did really good I think. She was pretty funny in Good Luck Chuck too.

I did some searchin’ on Jessica Alba’s movie and TV appearances and found she’s been in a lot more than I had thought.

Here is a list of every Jessica Alba movie and TV show, courtesy of

Click on the little picture of Jessica to see the high resolution photo of Jessica Alba in black pantyhose! —->

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Eva Longoria in black stockings

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Eva Longoria did a sexy photo shoot in black stockings and garters for Esquire Magazine (I think?) a while back. Eva Longoria in black stockings

I loved her nylon pictures but forgot all about them for some reason until I found them again doing my pantyhose “research”.

Eva sure is a little hottie, those Esquire guys really know how to capture her beauty and (yes!) the sexy shimmer of her nylons.

It must be a photography secret or something because many so called pro magazines don’t capture this at all and I think it’s so important. What do you think?

Shimmer of nylons important – yes or no?

Here is a link to a YouTube video of Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives where her husband puts stockings on her legs!

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Janice Dickinson in black pantyhose

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Janice Dickinson in pantyhose Janice Dickinson looks fabulous in her shiny black pantyhose.

I have to say I didn’t like her at all as judge on the show America’s Next Supermodel, I thought she was quite the bitch. But fact is she’s absolutely fabulous in her hose!

I bet lots of guys and maybe girls masturbate to her pantyhose pictures.

Janice’s legs are amazing, she’s what, like in her 50′s? Nobody wears pantyhose like Janice Dickinson I tell ya :)

But of course I will continue my quest to prove myself wrong – by surfing for as many pantyhose and stockings pictures on the web as possible. Remember, send me your favorite pantyhose and stockings/nylons photos so I can post them up here too!

- Jessica

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Britney Spears in black pantyhose

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Britney Spears in black pantyhoseBefore Britney Spears went crazy, courtesy of years of being chased, ridiculed, and scrutinized by paparazzi, the media, you, and me, Britney managed to show her classy (and sane!) side every once in a while.

Here’s a pretty rare (I think) picture of Britney Spears in black pantyhose.

Sadly all her recent pantyhose and stockings fotos were of her prancing around in torn fishnet hose which made her look like a cheap back-up dancer. Sad, sad.

I hope Britney does get better soon and that we get to see her dance her little heart out on stage wearing pantyhose!

For now, click on the little picture here and it’ll open up the large version of Britney in nylons.