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by jessica

Nylon Ratings and Internet Explorer 8

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There’s a problem with and Internet Explorer 8. It works fine in Firefox and older Internet Explorer but if you use the new IE8 and try to go to it keeps redirecting you back to

Nylonratings is a sub directory (?) on right now and I’m just forwarding to that subdirectory. That’s about all I know, no clue why IE8 is doing this and Firefox is fine??? Any ideas?

If you have to use IE8 just go to

That should work. :)

Sorry about the inconvenience, I’m trying to figure this out but so far no luck  *sigh*


by jessica

YouTube suspends account after millions of views

5:21 am in Uncategorized by jessica

After almost two years and literally millions of views my YouTube account has suddenly been suspended. No warning, no reason – all of a sudden I just can’t get to it and it says “Account Suspended”.

Thanks, YouTube. Must be awesome to have so much power. I’m sure YouTube doesn’t care but you know what? Millions of people do when you shut off accounts people enjoy visiting. 

What the hell happened that after all this time you now think my videos need to be suspended? I haven’t uploaded any new clips in a very long time and nobody ever had a problem with my little pantyhose tease clips. There’s no nudity and nothing that could (God forbid!) go against somebody’s morals or what have you.

I’m really upset about this.  I’m guessing if they shut me down for no reason others will follow.

by jessica

Rate Pantyhose and Stockings Pictures

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So I’ve been working on Nylon Ratings for some time. I’d love for you to check it out – you can rate pictures of pretty women wearing pantyhose and stockings. There are some minor things I have to figure out how to fix but most of it works. Yay me!!! :)

If you want you can upload pictures as well for others to rate.

Have fun!!

Oh and please if you find something that doesn’t work let me know, okay?

NOTE: for some reason if you use Internet Explorer 8 you keep getting kicked back to In that case please use THIS LINK to get to NylonRatings.


by jessica

Men in Pantyhose

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Nylon Nation reader “gitterdun” sent in photos of (presumably) himself in pantyhose. I’m normally not one for posting photos of male readers in hosiery but this one really got me. Great, super shiny nylons like this just have to be shared. So thank you, Gitterdun, and congrats – you just made a lot of us girls envious of your legs. :)

Click the little pictures to see the large ones!

male in pantyhose pantyhose and boots

pantyhosed male guy in hosiery

guys in nylons reader submitted pantyhose pictures

nylon clad guy boys like pantyhose too

by jessica

Hotrow tracks porn sites for free

2:29 am in Uncategorized by jessica

Hotrow screenshotOkay you know I’m not a huge fan of porn but somebody sent me a link to something I actually think is pretty cool and useful.

The site’s name is Hotrow and what it does is track adult site updates in real time, so instead of having to browse a ton of nudie sites you can just go there and see what’s new. I wonder why this hasn’t been invented earlier? LOL

It’s almost shocking how much porn there is, if you refresh Hotrow you’ll notice new updates coming up from porno land every few minutes. They say it’s still in beta so I expect a few bugs but overall it seems really solid.

You can even track by your favorite site and see all latest updates of that site if you want. Very neat.

I hope those guys link to me one day too, I’ve requested to be added but no luck so far. (Maybe now with this post? Hmmmm…a girl can dream yes? )

When you visit Hotrow do let them know to add more Nylon and Pantyhose sites, there’s not a lot being tracked right now for some reason. :)

- Jessica

by jessica

Mac users – Feedback, please

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Nylon Nation on a MacI need some help from you Apple Mac users please.

Since I don’t own a Mac I would love for you to look at with your Safari browser and let me know if everything looks okay. Does the site look aligned correctly? Do the pantyhose pictures show up the way they’re supposed to? Does anything look odd in your Safari browser?

Please let me know, just post a comment here!

Thanks so much!! :)