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by jessica

Long legs and butt in pantyhose

6:26 am in Pantyhose Girls by jessica

I mean…WOW right?

Pantyhose butt Saw this browsing and thought I have got to put that up for you. :)

Click her photo and it’ll send you to a gallery of more photos. 

Enjoy hun!

Oh by the way, you need to check out that porn site updates tracker I talked about a while ago,

They now have a huge pantyhose and stockings site section. I’m looking at them right now and there’s literally thousands (!!!) of updates, which means lots and lots of free pantyhose and stockings pictures and videos.

They’re kinda slow right now, I think something big is up because they have close to a million indexed pages now and I know they weren’t near that just like a week ago.

Anyways here is the Pantyhose and Stockings sites they track.

Okay so now that I’ve mentioned them (again!) I really hope they put me in their friends list.

:::Hey if you know of a site that wants to trade links with me please let me know! Pretty please?:::



by jessica

Pantyhosed girlfriend at the park

8:15 am in Pantyhose Girls, public pantyhose by jessica

pantyhose wearing girlfriend Found this pretty young thing with her black pantyhose relaxing at the park with what I assume is her lucky boyfriend.

I really prefer to be able to give credit to whoever took the photo but there’s no watermark or anything so I hope it’s okay I’m posting this gorgeous young lady. Her pantyhose legs are really something everyone should see. :)

Oh just a warning, if you click the thumbnail picture here you’ll get the large version of the pantyhose photo, but it’s huge so if you have a slow connection you’ll be waiting for a little while.

For you boys and girls who love seeing a pretty girl in pantyhose without shoes, you’ll love this one.

Look, pretty reinforced nylons, beautiful feet, no shoes!

If the person who took the picture happens to stop by here, drop a note! (Hopefully not a mean one telling me take it down, because I will but that would be so sad for all us pantyhose admirers, right?)

by jessica

Jessica Alba in black pantyhose!

11:35 am in Celebrities in Pantyhose, Pantyhose Girls by jessica

Jessica Alba in black pantyhoseNow I don’t plan on making this a “celebrities in pantyhose and stockings”-kind of site but I keep finding my favorite actresses wearing nylons so how could I not post them here, right? :)

Jessica Alba, while a bit young for me even though we’re about the same age, is a beautiful, promising young actress and seeing her show up in black pantyhose is wonderful. I hope other girls take her as a role model and start wearing more hose!

Jessica has come quite a long ways since her days in Dark Angel. I wasn’t too impressed with her then, although I found her to be very pretty. Her acting skills at that time though seemed pretty stiff and just not “on”. She’s really improved though I think. I’m not talking about Fantastic Four or any of those, but in Sin City and The Eye she did really good I think. She was pretty funny in Good Luck Chuck too.

I did some searchin’ on Jessica Alba’s movie and TV appearances and found she’s been in a lot more than I had thought.

Here is a list of every Jessica Alba movie and TV show, courtesy of

Click on the little picture of Jessica to see the high resolution photo of Jessica Alba in black pantyhose! —->