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by jessica

Sophie Howard in stockings, Latex dress

2:36 pm in Celebrities in Pantyhose, Stockings Girls by jessica

Sophie Howard latex dressSophie Howard in stockingsBritish hottie Sophie Howard has one of the greatest sets of breasts I have ever seen.

There, I said it. Fantastic big juicy tits. Honkers. Knockers.

I know this now because my perverted male coworkers circulated a photo of their (and my) new obsession Sophie Howard around at work. It’s a photo of Sophie Howard in a tight latex dress.

Click the thumbnail photo to the right for the larger version…and get your tissues ready, boys.

Of course I had to google Sophie Howard for some pantyhose or stockings photos. No pantyhose yet but I found this stockings photo set of Sophie. Not bad.

I like latex dresses for women, not a fetish for me or anything but I do think they can be sexy on the right body.

Sophie Howard’s latex dress is so thin you can see her black panties underneath.

Latex dresses are very expensive and not very comfortable (and they’re very sweaty) so they won’t become mainstream anytime soon.

What a shame really…

by jessica

Melanie Walsh (Only Melanie) is back in black pantyhose

8:49 pm in Pantyhose Girls by jessica

Melanie in black pantyhose and no shoesEveryone’s favorite British pantyhose sweetie Melanie Walsh aka OnlyMelanie is back.

Today she sits on her couch wearing sheer black pantyhose and no shoes.

I’m a girl and I like shoes and I’m sure so does Melanie. But not today. Oh no, those tired nylon feet need to be rested.

Of course Melanie does a lot more than just sit there in her pantyhose but I can’t show that here.

Damn laws and whatnot.

But you can always visit Only Melanie’s site for a bit more revealing stuff (pantyhose! pantyhose! More pantyhose!)  :)


by admin

Melanie’s pantyhose fetish

6:22 am in Pantyhose Girls by admin

Melanie shows her pantyhosed legs Melanie in black shiny pantyhoseI keep seeing this beautiful girl on the web. She almost always wears the most stunning pantyhose,

sometimes stockings, too. Her legs are gorgeous and I love seeing her encase those gams in shiny nylon.

Her name is Melanie and she has a wonderful nylon- and pantyhose site at OnlyMelanie.

The picture set of Melanie in brown/black pantyhose in the kitchen has got to be one of my favorite photo sets – ever.

Melanie is a British girl and I think her accent is very cute.

It’s wonderful to encounter a beautiful girl who enjoys wearing pantyhose and stockings. It’s what makes a woman a woman I think.