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by jessica

Leggy Lana Cox in skin colored pantyhose

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Leggy Lana Cox foot worshipWho is that having her pretty little feet worshipped?

Leggy Lana Cox

Leggy Lana is really deep into having her feet worshipped (not so much my thing) and really, I mean REALLY big into wearing expensive and well, perfect pantyhose and stockings.

The amount this lady spends on hosiery must be outrageous. Shoes too. But I’m sure she has a lot of members who help her pay for keeping her long legs encased in high quality nylon.

I don’t know how long Lana Cox has been around but I remember clearly the reaction of the boys in the office when I showed them her pantyhose fetish site. Let’s just say the boy’s room was occupied for a record breaking time. :)

by jessica

Melanie Walsh (Only Melanie) is back in black pantyhose

8:49 pm in Pantyhose Girls by jessica

Melanie in black pantyhose and no shoesEveryone’s favorite British pantyhose sweetie Melanie Walsh aka OnlyMelanie is back.

Today she sits on her couch wearing sheer black pantyhose and no shoes.

I’m a girl and I like shoes and I’m sure so does Melanie. But not today. Oh no, those tired nylon feet need to be rested.

Of course Melanie does a lot more than just sit there in her pantyhose but I can’t show that here.

Damn laws and whatnot.

But you can always visit Only Melanie’s site for a bit more revealing stuff (pantyhose! pantyhose! More pantyhose!)  :)


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Melanie’s pantyhose fetish

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Melanie shows her pantyhosed legs Melanie in black shiny pantyhoseI keep seeing this beautiful girl on the web. She almost always wears the most stunning pantyhose,

sometimes stockings, too. Her legs are gorgeous and I love seeing her encase those gams in shiny nylon.

Her name is Melanie and she has a wonderful nylon- and pantyhose site at OnlyMelanie.

The picture set of Melanie in brown/black pantyhose in the kitchen has got to be one of my favorite photo sets – ever.

Melanie is a British girl and I think her accent is very cute.

It’s wonderful to encounter a beautiful girl who enjoys wearing pantyhose and stockings. It’s what makes a woman a woman I think.

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Only Tease: girls in Pantyhose and Stockings

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Only Tease stockings and nylonsI tend to gravitate towards women my age and up (I’m in my late 20′s) who wear stockings and pantyhose.

But I think one reason for that is that you simply don’t find a lot of younger girls wearing pantyhose or stockings these days.

So I was positively surprised to come across Only Tease which has not just a few but literally hundreds of beautiful younger ladies wearing stockings, pantyhose, fishnets and other silky, nylon-y goodness (YES! I just made up a word!)

It looks like most of these young hotties are strutting around in their nylons somewhere in Europe, probably England as it seems.

I’m starting to suspect that practically the whole world has girls wear pantyhose or stockings, except for the US. That’s a bummer.

Now, I’m not going to move to foreign lands for their pantyhose girls (although, it’s definitely tempting!) so Only Tease might be a good alternative.

Share your thoughts about it here if you like. I love hearing from you and your pantyhose and stocking fantasies! :)